Character and behaviour


Belgian Shepard dogs are  working dogs.  They are very smart and obedient. Love to listen to orders and are willing to do anything you ask of them.

Belgian Shepard need a lot of activity and close interaction with people. Like most herding breeds, they need a job to do ( frisbee in the park, learning tricks, dog agility). Boredom and loneliness will lead to destructive behavior.

These dogs are great observers, you couldn’t hide even your emotions ahead of them. Your dog will notice some improper situation first. That's why they are such a good guards. They protect not only your property, but your life as well.  

They are suspicious and wary of strangers, but they love all family and close friends.

They are very sensitive dogs. They don't need any accidentally caressing. They have something what we can call "underskin sense".

They  are  territorial dogs and like to know what is happening all the time. That's why they like to watch the world from the top (window or kennel's roof). Lots of behaviors which they represent are typical for herding breeds: circle moving, watching playing kids - and pinching them. Also "house behaviour" like sleeping on the back, playing, and chasing people heels, making noises-purring etc. 

Anyway, we can say these dogs are great mix of opposing traits. Sensitive but brave, wary but not aggressive, unusually  intelligent but with their strong  personality.

In USA these dogs are used by police. They have proven their utility as a border patrol, avalanche, disaster and rescue dogs.

They should be trained and socialized from an early age. But the training shouldn’t be harsh or they will become uncooperative. They are a very smart and obedient dogs and should be part of the family, not locked up in a kennel.

If you socialize this Belgian Shepard well, there shouldn’t be a problem. Bond between Belgian Shepard and a person is very strong. They are like team. Every time you work, train or play with your dog - you build a link connecting both of you. The animal learns to respond to minimal verbal and physical cues, eagerly waiting for the next move or sound. Well trained, adult dog will show you his love and commitment.

 Because of his sensitive character, owner  should show him lots of new situations like (it’s one of the most important duty) : crowd (other people), weird sounds-noise (traffic). If you do not fail it – you have  a guaranty to raise a great comrade, guard and protector, resistant to bad weather conditions.

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