How environment effects on belgian puppies

Socialization is the process during which the puppy develops relationships with other living beings in its environment. It's important to start from the earliest moment you can.

Puppyhood is the most  important and critical time in your dog's development, it is the time when you should teach your pupil as much as you can . When our puppy will get used to all new situations and stimuli – like sound, smells, sights and events, he will stop reacting to them. He will understand that there’re no untoward consequences.

When we expose our puppy to many stimuli (also people),  we reduce the possibility of fearful responses. It will properly stimulate our puppy’s habit of mind.

From the first moment of its life puppies should feel human warm touch. We have to remember that environment should be safe all the time.

From about 2 months of age, puppies are in one of the most important developmental periods, they receive lots of things that later may prove to be more difficult for them  to adjust to. Introducing  your puppy with new situations is to provide a reward such as a favorite toy or biscuit each time it is exposed to a new stimulus. A biscuit will teach it to look forward to new situations and discourage shyness since the puppy will learn to associate and link it with something positive.

You have to still remember that Belgian Shepard is a very sensitive dog. As a new owner you must be gentle but also unhesitating. Any sharp move can make that our puppy  will feel fear and become wary.

Most of us think that the biggest garden, lots of space are the best for every dog. But we have to remember that the most important is contact with human. Strong and good relationship is a base to rise a dog with balanced character.

 There is a well-chosen slogan – To have a good Belgian Shepard you have to deserve on it.

How to socialize Groenendael puppy

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